Final Edit

For my final edit the changes i am taking up are to include more drawing effects around the video. Reason for this is feedback that it isn’t consistent enough throughout the Music video. So i chose to create more earlier on as well as more during the running of the woods as that is when the chorus hits. I added an ending scene of Jacob dead on the floor. This was to give greater explanation to the audience confirming what has happened to him as well as Daisy trying to ring him not knowing whether he’s alive or not. With the answer message of Daisy during the credits. This it to amplify the effect of the ending being drastic and leaving you unfulfilled. The thought of this was to disrupt the fall out with a death for it to become an ever so more shocking feeling to the audience. With it being a pop genre song but with a unique rather dark ending. From feedback from my teacher i was told that Ellie’s lip syncing wasn’t strong enough or powerful enough. So i decided to cast a new singer being Rupert. He has had experience with this before in past projects of mine seen on the blog. When i made a short video of we don’t talk anymore. I decided a new character in the film to bring a greater separation other than focusing on just the two main characters. How i associated the singer with the love story was i drew love hearts around the background of Rupert while he was singing. And as the couple grew apart i drew broken love hearts around him signifying the deterioration of a relationship.



Evaluation Point 5- Does Research match Final Product.

From all the research i have done from the start of this course i have adapted that and used it for my final products. My storyboard being the key of my product i followed majority of what i had originally planned. All props were used which was accurate. Things which may not have matched my research were changed due to what was best for the products. What we changed was the transition from the woods to the bench scene. We preferred to use a beach scene to simplify the travel of the characters. As where the bench was there was a beach. So merging those to together increased clarity for the audience, as well as that people barely knew the change of beaches. As  well as that we wanted more action in the film so getting them to jump around and walk with each other made a more interesting take on our product and a lot more intriguing shots. The polaroid image changed as we realised in the current generation it’s very rare for polaroids being used so we decided to use a mobile phone image instead which gives us greater modernisation Polaroid. And as i’ve mentioned in my edit posts we changed the singer due to feedback of my teacher saying it’s not accurate or precise enough so we used Rupert. But noticeably i used the exact same ending for those 2 characters. With them singing and staring at the camera towards the end. This i really wanted to do. Purely so the characters look towards the camera in grief and despair. Almost explaining to the audience that it is a sad and depressing ending. Almost leaving it to a climax. Timing was also an issue of availability for our actors as we had different free periods at different times which led to ultimately less time in producing. We used less long shots of driving and of the car as it is far more complicated getting those tracking shots as well as still shots, it would have involved far more equipment e.g. a drone. Which is too expensive for the budget and too much for the music video so we had to resort with more narrative focusing on the characters rather than  getting shots of the car.

Here are some Gifs to create clarification of what the parts of our product we changed from research to the final product:

Evaluation 4- How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Media technologies are core aspects of conducting the products as well as research and evaluation. It enables us with more inventive ideas and style towards the products and has a huge knowledge base being the internet.

Below is a video of all of the technology i used in all aspects of the course work and what each was useful for:

Overall it’s clear how useful more advance technology is and results in a more grand and exciting product to audiences.

Effect some of the products had on my product.

The sony 4k camera had improved stabilisation on my shots, making out a more smoother and realistic take on the music video. The quality just from it being 4k improved the fps meaning slow motion in my video was far more smoother and looked clean rather than wavy images of the characters moving. For still shots the tripod was of great significance getting the right images to produce long/ Master shots in my film.


Originally my position at editing we were going to rely on solely Final cut pro for editing software. But due to the first edit looking to simplistic we realised we needed to create a more intriguing idea into the video. This dramatically changed the video, suddenly making it more likeable to audiences and giving them so much more than raw footage.

Evaluation 3- What have learned from your audience Feedback

Feedback is a vital asset towards learning and improving future projects. It is also a good way of learning what i did right in the music video and what was not so impressive. Of course not just one opinion is above others, So we needed to gather many opinions over a period of time. From looking at the opinions we’ll take all of them into account but concentrate on the more repetitive/ similar answers we get which will have a far greater audience to impress for future projects. We used ways of achieving feedback for the video those being Facebook and Youtube. As well as getting opinions from my local friends in the area and made a video on their opinions

Feedback on Facebook 

For Facebook I asked many people directly by messenger:


And there was also a posting publicly on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 20.07.33

So from the feedback alone from Facebook it is obviously clear that it is seen overall positive. People like the use of my Cinematography, Editing of the white drawing lines and the filter i used within my video. With 14 likes on the post shows quite a few people thought of my video to be positive and good. People also liked my narrative and the actors which makes it overall “a solid video”. The only small hiccups I’ve learned from my feedback on Facebook is that maybe a few more white outlines could be included and that I’d need to improve my lip syncing more. Realising this after i’ve been told really gives a sense of a proven mistake which I need to learn from.


I had then used Youtube

This was used to post my video. As it is the most popular for uploading and the best for looking on statistics of my views on the video.

I posted my video with the title “Fast Car A2 Coursework” as it was the most simplistic name and one which could gain more views as other students would possibly watch it. To pick up the biggest audience as possible I used tags which enabled the capability of my video being found from people a lot higher as you write what relates to the video so it’s easier to find for viewers. The feedback we got from the comments were as followed:

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 19.49.35

These comments show a great range of positivity. What i’ve learned from this feedback is that i had a good choice of locations and interpretation of lyrics which is good from one opinion. How these people had nothing bad to say about the video implies there were little flaws within the video improving the reputation and reliability I have in our music video of it being successful and near to professional.

Here are the analytics on my video of the amount of views of the duration time. As well as where most people viewed my video from.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 19.48.55Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 19.49.06

Looking at these results over a 28 day period of time (considering my video has only been up for 5 days it’s clear that most of my views are coming from the UK. But viewing it on the other side, i have had another 5 countries view my video. From the Uk results it’s clear that my audience average were entertained for 2 thirds of the way of my video, meaning for the rest of that time they enjoyed it and it was intriguing to them. However there was not 100% of the audience watching my video until the end. Which is something i need to improve on. The ability to further intrigue my audience and keep them attracted to my video until the end. I have had a total of 57 views on the video and for most of the people who have seen it have seen majority of the video which is greatly positive.

I have then collected some primary Audience feedback by asking people in my local area to watch the music video and tell me what’s good and bad about it. I have not told these audience members what another has said to see if i get the same feedback. Offscreen i also asked for what they rated my music video out of 10.

The results are as shown (Results are in order as the people are in the video)

Ed = 9/10

Nathan= 10/10

Selby = 8/10

Matthew  = 10/10

Finn = 8/10

Ted = 10/10

Theo= 8/10

Jack =10/10

Average rating = 9/10 

Video of what they found good and bad:

From this feedback i’ve learnt majority of the audience love the use of my editing with the white outlines on the characters which shows a more professional use compared to my AS far more advanced and in greater detail. What was also approved was the strength of the narrative far more greater clarity, with conventions of the pop genre supporting it. And what i’ve learnt that wasn’t so good in my final edit was the lip syncing meaning for future i need to find a more passionate and committed singer who is more believable on screen. As well as that i realised there are some shaky shots which for the future i need to take more consideration for steady/ still shots possibly using the tripod more frequently. With acquiring the average rating of 9/10 this is overall positive and regarded as a well done piece . Showing minor faults according to my audience and it being overall “Good”.

Overall from all my feedback it’s clear that there are some flaws and pros to it. I need to improve on my cinematography greatly avoiding the shake shots keeping the camera still more and use a tripod more often trying to get more still wide shots. I should also use my editing skills far more “use more white lines” as my audience members said. But it is regarded as a “rather generic piece” with good use of editing and mise en scene. Hitting my target audience with an overall approval shows the my product is successful.

Evaluation 2- How effective is the combination of your main product and Ancillary texts

The point of this task is to assess the efficiency of the products as a whole package and to whether it’s successful.

I’ve created a power slide discussing the combination.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall the combination of my ancillary tasks as well as my final product (Music video) creates a rather efficient and persistent value of products further increasing and entailing audience. It strikes my target audience being fan girls associating similar colours to what a stereotypical girl would approve of, these being colours such as purple and pink for both the adverts/ digipak and final product. It shows a real pop vibe to my audiences joining similar traits the real pop genre music products.

Evaluation 1- In what ways does my media product use, Develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Relating my media product towards a real media product is a significant step towards understanding how to get a music video right. Many music videos use similar shots or narratives which is why stereotype/ conventions are made from this as many of the grand and impressive music videos use conventions from others. Some develop or even challenge conventions this further improves a music video or makes it more interesting when mine involves all 3.

Below is 9 images of my film and in each i explain how it compares to a similar ‘Real’ Product:

In the images of which are presented i have Labelled them with distinctive words to summarise that moment in the film.


In this image quite clearly portrays conventions of real media products. This is through the way of presenting the typical title at the beginning. Like any typical music video such as “What do you mean” By Justin Bieber or “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift. They all present the title within the first few seconds of the playing track. This influences me towards presenting my music video with clear answers as to what it is. How i’ve also developed this convention is by making the text dissapear as the boy walks past it. Almost presenting the text to exist within the music video, this allows the music video to have a greater existence pulling in audiences as they’re able to believe is within a real place and almost a real story. By Using a master tracking shot at first almost establishes the scene of the video, which is seen in many music videos of this day like “Stiches” By Shawn Mendes. I choose this shot as it represents the beginning and an opening of a grand and powerful story.


This is a two shot of our main protagonists. This shot was brought from the idea of “Rhythm of the night” By Bastille. I thought of it to illustrate the mood and atmosphere of the video. It represents the good times they had with each other as well as the the front car glass reflection which illustrates the two characters centring themselves before the outside world. As well as the fluctuate and display the journey they go through as a couple. The lighting is greatly meant to create a mixed opinion that off there being a limit of darkness and light this is to illustrate the good times but far greater bad times to occur in their relationship. Mise en scene for this video and shot were inspired by stereotypical teenage wearing casual fashionable clothes, ideally inspired by Justin Biebers’ fashion sense for the Male actor as well as Selena Gomez for the female actor. The significance of involving the food and drink in the car shows that the relationship has far more than just driving.


This low angle close up is to illustrate the singers emotions towards the couple. He shows remorse but at the same time realisation and sadness. As i want him to be portrayed as almost explaining the story to the audience. This challenges real media products as i’ve invented the singer to be almost a narrator rather than just singing the song which no normal music video does. What follows the conventions during the singers scenes is that i centre the shots around him focusing on him heavily which is a common stereotype within the industries music videos seen on most videos. Mise en scene of this actor/ singer was more inspired by Austin Mahones’ music video “Dirty Work” Shows a more formal take on the story they are in rather develops the convention making a more serious mood.


This long shot displays the first scene of action or a more interesting/eye candy scene of which the white drawing lines are included more heavily. This was originally used in the Justin Bieber “What do you mean” Lyric video. Which heavily inspired me so i was able to develop this by using my own ideas to what the drawings did and beat matched those actions with it. It illustrates the relationship of having a more fun time and this being a moment for the characters to cherish while they are together. The lighting of this scene really creates a sense of freedom between these characters. With bright pink/ white being outside the woods and far more darker tone is within the woods. Shows the strong relationship between the two as well as a sense of imprisonment.


This is a long shot with a slanted angle. I’ve done this to represent the relationship going “Down hill” as they are enjoying themselves at this very moment but don’t have the realisation yet.I thought to use the white drawing lines as innovation of them running and thought it would create a rather cool effect. I used the convention in this scene used in a typical music video of the man chasing the girl of his dreams. Forever chasing like seen in the “Shape Of you” Music video by Ed Sheeran. To really get sense of feelings and emotions in the music video. I’ve challenged the convention as it’s rather subtle in the narrative

Appreciation of Relationship

This a mid shot used on the two lovers and at this point is meant to represent the peak of their relationship. The ultimate point of which they can be admired. As well as them almost enjoying the moment together almost unintentionally without knowing it’s their last moments together. The idea of this convention was taken from again “Shape of you” By Ed Sheeran as the couple in the music video didn’t realise the time they had together was so short. It’s about the appreciation oh what they have was the aim of this scene. I wanted it to be a powering, conquering and rather moving image to my audience.

Turning Point

This Subjective Shot is the turning point for the music video. Where everything turns against the relationship. This was a challenged convention of a music video in the pop genre. Where there is not a happy ending or and ethical right or wrong. This is an emotion a character cannot handle and is confused  by. Which is not seen in the stereotypical pop music video, where usually there’s a straight forward plot. But this reveals a more realistic take on a new relationship and the real life problems a person would face if they’re not yet over there “Ex”

The End

This mid shot establishes the end of a heart breaking story. As to why this is a convention challenged is that the background of the singer has changed from the beginning because of the story of which has commenced. Proving there’s no happy ending to this and it’s more of a heart breaking story or a mourning of someone rather than a love story. The change of tone in this really does prove the challenges against a stereotypical jolly pop song music video.

After Story ends

This final visual subjective shot ends the music video. And challenges the conventions of a real media product hugely. By what i mean by “After story ends” is after the track ends left with real life audio to be played.Playing it out as if it was a film with a after credit scene almost. Creating the question towards the audience as to “What happens next” or “Is he still alive” this is never usually illustrated in the typical music video. Creating a rather dark ending to what was once a love story

Overall my media product relates to many similar real media products such as “Shape of You”, “What Do You Mean” and “Rhythm of the Night” but i have also created some of my own conventions through making a far more darker ending as well as adapting my knowledge on the white drawing lines. I’ve developed and used the conventions and in doing so have made my own for my own project.


Images i feel really relate to my product 

After story ends image which resembles similarities with my music video.

This video is “The Hills” By the weekend.


This real product matches resembles similarities of my film purely how it’s the last scene of the music video which greatly resembles darkness and there being no actual happy ending fighting against the typical stereotype of love stories ending happily. The use of lighting is greatly similar as both characters in this music video and mine have a very dark visual to them making them hard to see. This is purposely done to resemble what they have done was wrong and shows untrustworthy emotions towards my video. What is both obviously similar is the use of the narrative ending. How both main male protagonists both result in a car crash yet mine was with a twist of the death of my character.

This is an image from the music video “Cold” By Maroon 5. This is another image i think has similar traits to my music video with it being a real media product.


In this music video the effects and visuals are really what make this video unique. With the use of light blue running throughout the music video. How this relates to my product is that it has a continuous filter like mine but they aren’t the same colour, they create a mood and atmosphere to a music video. Determining the pace and tempo of the narrative, Implying narrative hints of what might happen e.g. colour red implies blood and death. The use of this make both my product and the real media product so more powerful and indulging creating an actual meaning to it. As well as that the music video of “cold” relied heavily on its effects similar to my product of which relied on effects with its use of white outline drawings. This again made the video more persuading to the viewer finding a way to catch their eye/ attention.

The 3rd and final image is of Fences song “Arrows” which again is a real media product of which i would argue relates to my product.


Why this music video relates to my product is first the mise en scene. The mis en scene of Macklemores’ and my video is that they fit so well with their characters. As Macklemores colour matching of his outfit is similar to how he is portrayed as a lion. Fits well and makes sense to the audience. When in my product my two actors fit the casual teenage clothing well and it’s highly believable that they are teenagers/ young adults. What is also similar is the style of world their both in. As Fences music video is far more comically acceptable with the background comic like. When my video is more fantasy like using these white lines as almost apart of their lives. Similar to both products are also the shots on the singers of the videos. With close ups and mid shots used heavily as well as the singer looking directly at the camera making traits.

Overall it’s clear that my media product relates to a real media product due to the following of traits from pop genre’d music videos which helps mine fit in with the industry as well as using my own original ideas and adapting them from that


Ancillary Task 15- Feedback

I had sent this to many people as well as shown them Here’s what they said:

Matthew Ede- ” I like the simplicity of it and keeping the same font. Seems a bit too plain still, i feel like there’s something missing around the upper half of this”

Tristan Jones- ” I like what you’ve done with the 2 figures but the album text is about out of line in the middle so either move it further up or above ‘OUT NOW’ ”

Edward Bell- ” It’s really cool, I love it”

James Doree Pritchard- “It’s good, i like the way you’ve integrated the actors in the background to create an image of self righteousness”